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Keyword research is the process of analysis the search terms that’s are visitors enter the search for specific purpose for search engine optimization ( SEO)
The simple meaning of keyword research is if we searching for Names, Wallpapers, Songs, Movies in the google. In the search bar in the search topic is stored and category by google.

we can find the details about

  1. What kind of users are searching this topic?

In this article, we are going to learn the import parts of keyword research step by step And we can learn. How we do proper keyword research and it helps to bring the millions of readers and traffic on your website.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

For online business, we have looking for sell more product and services to clients. we have to understanding what are the customers searching for product and services through the internet. It helps to content creation and the marketing campaigns target to the audience and get more traffic on your website.

How to do keyword research?

Now we started the topic from the primary way. First rule is 80/20 rule. This is very important part of doing the keyword research process. (This is known as a Pareto Principle, is an aphorism which asset that 80% of outcome causes of 20% of income). For keyword research you should follow the actually make some certain process with your topic.

We are going to learn about the “How we do Keyword Research

Understanding the customer needs.

Staring the keyword research you should be looking the keywords that are help to understanding the customer. Completely understanding the demography (Population based on factors as age, sex, race) and interests. You are creating the content based on this you will easily do this making your keyword list

Understanding the competition keywords.

The major part of keyword research is understanding the competition of keyword phrase. First you should learn the difference between direct competition and indirect completion

Direct competition is two or more business offer that the same product or service challenge for the same market

Indirect competition is two or more business offers different product or services challenge for the same market.

Find proper keywords

First of all, we should look for the seed keywords to use the topic.

Find some keywords for search engine optimization (SEO)

Brainstorm keyword

In the brainstorm keywords familiar with Search Engine Optimizations(SEO) keyword research on page research, off page research and technical SEO etc.

If you are familiar this, you have a good knowledge about subtopic and primary topic you can start to organized.

If you are trouble to do this go to google and search your industry + niche idea topic.

  • Starting with keyword research you should use your knowledge

For find more topics on your niche, use the list of competitors

In this section we used the tried and true method for create the keyword topics relevant to the competitors. If you are analyzing the other companies that are already started in your industry.

List up your competitors list and research their websites and find best niche ideas.

Example for keyword research

For find more topics on your niche, navigate some websites and look for Topics

Go to site website relevant to your niche idea and look at their topics. Place to look at the menu bar, blog category and service page.

You should maintain your keyword research list properly. You can use google spread, Day list tool, mind mapping tool.

Format of building a list of main topics and sub topics:

Keywords Tools

There are three ways to find the keywords and topics by using the keywords research tools. In this tool you can find out the lot of details about your niche topic quickly and fast.

You have listed the topics of niche ideas and you can find the long tails keyword by using various methods.

Top 5 keyword research tools 2021

SEMrush is a complete SEO tool that are helps to increase your website rank.

In the SEMrush tool go to the keyword overview and type your keyword. Every details of your keyword monthly search volume, Popularity of the keyword ,trends and etc.

You go down the list you can see keywords that you want to use and organic results of the keyword, how many competitors rank for the keywords.

You search the other competitor’s website and you can see its organic search terms and other organic materials and keyword data. If you click in the organic research tab you can see your competitors rank position, traffic and more

There are keywords idea,

  • Search engine optimization tools

For expand these primary topics click down and research what URLs ranking and find out what keywords they used to rank up their sites

Analyze and understanding about keywords

Keywords Metrics

Used a keyword research tool (like SEMrush, Ahrefs and Google Keyword Planner) to find the keyword that a related the search volume and keyword difficulty of each keywords.

The keywords that are include higher search keywords and lower search keywords are good point for creating strategy to drive the higher organic traffic on your website.

Used the google spreadsheet function to automatically color the search volume and keyword difficulty

Keywords Relevance

This is the major part of keyword research. This help to develop a good SEO strategy form your keyword research phase. You can trim or ignore the keywords that’s are not relevant in your topics.

Keywords Intent

This is referring to state of mind and desire search of outcomes that search

Keywords Modifiers

Keywords modifiers are adjectives or adverbs, shopping terms that will bring the searchers more specific results

Some of the modifiers are

They are the additional words that are change the intent of the keyword. It will show images.

Example, we search “What are the best product of affiliate marketing” our aim is rank this article on google with modifiers good, top, best and etc.

It shows keyword research + planning.

Keywords variations

Kay word variations means same this show on different ways.

Example, I search for “what is affiliate marketing” or I can search “affiliate marketing”. The intent is same.

Google have the good understanding about this. It helps to rank up the all keyword variation on your website. Keep on your eye this method for doing the keyword research and add to your keyword research list.

Keywords mapping.

Keyword mapping is the process of assigned the page to target keywords. You have landed a list of keywords, that you want to build, you should map them to URLs on your website. If you want to build up, you should Mach up the keywords to URLs on your sitemap.

Kind reminder this keyword mapping is simply listed all URLs on your website. It helps to

  • Keep your website well organized

The best way to mapping the keyword is SERP application. A free application that you can arrange the better management your search engine optimization (SEO) and digital presence.

Signup for free SERP app.

Add your “Project Title”

add URLs + Keywords

do this in a spreadsheet and get a more benefits like rank tracing, uptime monitoring, optimization tips and etc.

Thank You for read this.

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